Mhhmm, Its Lemurs for Lunch Today!
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Make sites like this one, make people aware of this problem, tell the world about the fossa... Tell them!!! Make the world aware of the fossa!

You can donate a little money for the endangered animals, including the fossa here ->'

You can save the Fossas in a really BIG WAY by going to madagascar and helping people save them, only for 300 dollers plus airplane prices, the this 300 fee goes for shelter and food and other stuff for you, so go check it out at

Or if you want to still go BIG, you can go on this amazing trip to madagascar... it costs about $10,000 to go, you would be doing a good deed and the trip would be amazing. If you want to go see it, click the link here ->

Lastly, if you are in Madagascar, and you are reading this, please help them, give them a chance.