Mhhmm, Its Lemurs for Lunch Today!
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It’s sad, but true, this animal is endangered, and theres only 2,500 left.  People have been cutting down trees from Madagascar, limiting the amount of space, food, and freedom. The humans really don’t care about them, yet they care ever so much about their precious chickens. The fossas are hungry, and wander into some farmer’s land, just to get a snack or two.  Those fossas usually don’t ever come back. We need to stop this destruction in Madagascar. If us, the people, continue to do this, there won’t be anything left!  I feel like a thief, this land wasn’t ours. The land belonged to the lemurs, the lizards, the birds, the insects, the trees, the fossas. We just came, with a wrecking ball, and destroyed the place. What could the animals do? They couldn’t do anything, an unfair battle happened, and it’s up to us to make it right.