Mhhmm, Its Lemurs for Lunch Today!
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The fossa is a cathemeral animal, meaning that it varies when it goes out hunting whether to go out in the morning or night. This animal is all about the surprise, which may be why scientists don’t have much information about them as they do for other animals. The fossa also doesn’t reuse the same sleeping spot each night, unless it’s a mother with young to come back to.                                                                                                     Fossas communicate using sounds, like purring, which is a threatening call. Yelping, this would be used to attract other fossas. Chirping, when a fossa is happy and excited. Gasping, which is a call of fear, and when a fossa sighs, it means that he has found a female.                                                                                                                                                            The fossa really isn’t that aggressive, except around mating season. When a fossa loses a fight with another fossa, the winning fossa would chase the loser for a short distance.  In zoos, fossa are quite fond of the zoo keepers, well the females anyway, the males tend to bite.

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    The fossa tends to use the element of surprise. Jumping out with its claws stretched out to catch the prey and pin it to the ground. It would then bite the neck and that would be the end of that animal. For lemurs, the fossa would race up a tree and grab the lemur in just a few seconds, this cat is dang fast.